"Heritage-made Utilitarian Bags, as carried on Fifth Avenue.
The John Peters New York's design set the stage for industry standards and are copied by every fashion house in the world!
The John Peters New York brand was born in New York in 1980. John Peters is a heritage brand representing messenger bags and backpacks, setting the standards of quality for bags all around the world. The founder, John Peters, is the same designer who launched the Manhattan Potage brand and Peters Mountain Works afterward. As such, John Peters New York is known as the parent brand of these. In 1977, John Peters decided to make a bag using plastic closures and wax cloth. He decided to use cordura plus nylon for the material, which had never been done before. More than 400 of John Peters’ designs have been copied all over the world and are still used for a number of bags. In the midst of all the imitations of John Peters’ designs and materials, we pride ourselves on remaining true to the originals from forty years ago."